Log Homes Pricing

When searching for log homes pricing, it’s important to know what’s included in the price. For example, many companies will say their log homes pricing is the best deal, and offer 2000 square foot log homes for as low as $20,000. What they AREN’T saying is what’s included in that package price. Does it come with windows, doors, or roof? It’s critical to know what you’re getting when searching log homes pricing. Many companies will offer log home packages, which gives you the opportunity to make it unique to you, and choose the interior features yourself! One of the companies - Timber Block Log Homes is very straight forward with their log homes pricing. Their package is basically the shell of the home – so everything you need to dry in your new home, and make it weather tight.

For example, their package includes the complete wall system, floor system, roof system, exterior doors and windows, structural beams and columns, trim for exterior doors and windows, anti-bug vent strip on the ridge, pine fascia and soffit with ventilation strip, plus a technician on-site for the wall raising. Further to that, there are many choices you get to make in regards to the Timber Block log homes packages. For example, with the roof, you will have the choice of mental roofing, or shingles.

This is also important to know when searching log homes pricing. For the wall system, Timber Block customers will choose whether they want flat, round, hand peeled, or true grain, or a mix. The log panels also come pre-stained. If a company’s package includes windows, it’s important to find out what type of windows they are – you certainly don’t want to end up with low quality windows. Again, with Timber Block log homes, their windows are Energy Star, low E argon filled, 20 year warranty windows, and all flashing.

When investigating log homes prices, it’s also very important to know your shipping or transportation costs, as some log home companies can make several deliveries. With Timber Block log homes, a 2500 square foot home can fit on one truck.

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